Park Pride

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I love Park Pride. I really do. They’re a passionate group who believe a greener world is a happier, healthier, better world. How can you argue with that?

The two most interesting pieces about their rebrand were:

  1. They’re often confused with either PRIDE (not a bad thing, but not really related) or Park Atlanta (definitely bad; no loves their car getting ticketed or towed); and
  2. They wanted their brand to be taken seriously by Atlanta’s business sector.
Logo, Letterhead, Business Card and Envelope

What makes Park Pride different from other green nonprofits is they’re business-minded, or at least business-conscious.

In related news: If we’ve worked together before, I’ve probably suggested to you a one-color business card. Why? Because you can do fun things like this, and with high-end printing like letterpress or foil stamping, it means more bang for your buck. Pragmatic and fun. Ask me more about it.

Park Pride Business Card

They believe, and can show, that greener communities are not only better for the residents and the environment, but also the economy and the bottom line as well.

It makes perfect sense. How do you change the mind of a business? Benefit their bottom line, of course.

Front and Back of Park Pride’s Pocket Folder

It works across the board. The only way to affect change is to show your opposition why what you believe matters to them in their terms.

The Executive Director at the time described this idea as the intersection of the “green” (environmental) and “blue” (corporate) worlds, and somehow wanted the visual identity to show that. Green and blue working together. Got it.

Pocket Folder: Open with vertical left pocket and die cut right pocket.

Connection. Growth. Green world. Blue world. The end result is a fluid, growing logo with accompanying icon suite and illustration style that are both friendly and

Website and Icons